All about HIDs

Benefits & Drawbacks

There's lots of showroom-floor and magazine-article hype about how marvelous HID headlamps are. Fact is, while some of them are quite excellent, an HID light source doesn't necessarily mean a good headlamp. There are also some disadvantages (aside from the high cost) that don't get much discussion. Here's the rest of the story.

Can I convert my halogen headlamps to HID?

So you've read about HID headlamps and have it in mind to convert your car. A few mouse clicks on the web, and you've found a couple of outfits offering to sell you a "conversion" that will fit any car with a given type of halogen bulb, for between $150 and $600. STOP, put away that credit card. Trying to "convert" halogen headlamps to HID is an unsafe thing to do. There are NO legitimate or safe HID bulb retrofits for halogen headlamps. Here's why.

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