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There isn't one. Send me an email and I'll be happy to get your needs handled. Ordering isn't hard; I accept credit cards and various other forms of money, and we'll discuss it once we've worked out your order.

Why do I do it this way? Because choosing automotive lighting devices and bulbs is a good bit more complex than it might seem, and a great deal more complex than some vendors would have you believe. Prewrap, one-for-all offerings generally don't give results as satisfactory as solutions specifically put together for your needs on your vehicles under your driving conditions. Often, the products you want because you've seen them, heard or read about them, are in fact not the ones that'll do the best job of accomplishing your actual lighting goals.

So, I've opted to carry on providing personal, one-on-one consultation ("How can I help you?) rather than installing a shopping cart ("Gimme yer money and get outta my face!"). Old-fashioned? A little slower? Yep, especially if you're experienced and knowledgeable, and I realize that. But, I really feel my enviable reputation for customer satisfaction is worth it. If you don't agree, you may choose to shop elsewhere, and that's OK. But if you agree with me, please feel free to send me an email
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and I'll be happy to get your needs handled.

Important Notes

All products below are clearly marked as to their regulatory-approval status. All products are sold and intended only for legal uses. Anybody selling headlamps who doesn't tell you this (and answer your questions about it) is not being honest.

Shipping is available at any service level offered by any common carrier—FedEx ground is standard to US addresses, Postal shipping to Canadian addresses. On orders under $100, please specify if a signature is required for delivery. On orders over $100, signature is mandatory.

Returns are accepted within 30 days of merchandise delivery only with prior approval, and only on unused, uninstalled items in original packaging. A restocking fee (20% within 20 days; 30% within 30 days) will apply, unless the return is due to an error on our part. Most special orders are non-returnable. Bulb returns cannot be accepted. If an item is received in damaged or faulty condition, please keep hold of all packaging and alert us immediately; we will work with you and the shipping carrier to make it right. Items returned as defective may be replaced or the appropriate refund may be issued, at our option.

North America uses left-hand drive cars (LHD) and has right-hand traffic (RHT). The proper pronunciation of "Cibié" is "C-B-A". Click most pictures on this page to see larger versions.


Suitable for use in countries where traffic flows
on the right side of the road

Cibie H4 & H1 headlamps • 5.75” round

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H4 high/low beam, convex (domed) lens: $186/pair
H4 high/low beam, convex (domed) lens, w/parking light: $186/pair

Regulatory compliance: ECE (European E-Code); SAE M

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H1 high beam with convex (domed) lens: $189/pair

Regulatory compliance: ECE (European E-Code); SAE M

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5.75" Flat-lens H1 high-beam: $186/pair

Regulatory compliance: ECE (European E-Code); SAE M

Cibie H4 headlamps • 7 inch round

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H4 high/low beam, convex (domed) lens: $178/pair

H4 high/low beam, convex (domed) lens, w/parking light: $178/pair

Regulatory compliance: ECE (European E-Code); SAE M

Cibie H4 headlamps
200mm × 142mm (7.9” × 5.5”)

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H4 high/low beam: $186/pair

H4 high/low beam, with parking light: $186/pair

Regulatory compliance: ECE (European E-Code); SAE M

165 × 100 mm (6½” × 4”) headlamps

Some very good lamps are still available in this size; if you don't see what you're after or you're unsure what's best for your application, please contact me to discuss.

H4 high/low beam, Cibie, w/parking light (Yes, in stock!): $189/pair

Regulatory compliance: ECE (European E-Code); SAE M

Contact me for high-beam options

H1 high-beam

Relay Installation Kits
and harnesses

for headlamps and auxiliary lamps

Thin factory wiring starves bulbs!
Click here for more information.
These parts packs and custom-built harnesses help you feed full power to the headlamps for maximum nighttime seeing. Kits include American and European-made extreme-duty parts to accept your own 10-12ga wire: 30-amp relays with dual output terminals, relay brackets and terminal blocks, terminals, extra-tough fused fuseholders and high-heat headlamp sockets. Harnesses are built by our master electrician using these same components. In most cases, the vehicle's factory wiring remains uncut.

Wire is not supplied with kits because your local economy offers a wide selection of colors and lengths; it's the hardware in these kits that is so hard to find locally.

Harnesses are custom-built to order by a skilled master electrician using the same kinds of high-grade parts as supplied in the kits. The harnesses arrive ready to install on your specific vehicle, no assembly required.

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Headlamp Relay Installation Kits and harnesses

    Don't see what you need?
    Special kits and harnesses are no problem to provide for any legitimate lighting setup. Just send me an email,

  • KIT-RIKRAM kit to properly install improved Dodge Ram Sport
    twin-bulb headlamps in place of standard 1994-2002 one-bulb lamps: $109
  • HARN-RIKRAM custom-built harness: $189

  • KIT-RIK2 kit for two sealed beam or H4 lamps: $69
  • HARN-RIK2 custom-built harness: $169
  • HARN-RIK2T custom-built harness for Toyotas: $179

  • KIT-RIK4 kit for four sealed beam or H4/H1 lamps: $99
  • HARN-RIK4 custom-built harness: $179
  • HARN-RIK4T custom-built harness for Toyotas: $189

  • KIT-RIKH1H1 kit for four single-filament lamps (Hella BiFocal H1 low beam + parabolic H1 high beam, etc.): $109
  • HARN-RIKH1H1 custom-built harness: $179

  • KIT-RIKHB1 kit for two 9004 lamps: $99
  • HARN-RIKHB1 custom-built harness: $179

  • KIT-RIKHB34 kit for two 9005 and two 9006 lamps: $111
  • HARN-RIKHB34 custom-built harness: $189

  • KIT-RIKHB34H as above except safely keeps low beams lit when high beams are on, for systems not originally so wired: $123
  • HARN-RIKHB34H custom-built harness: $199

  • KIT-RIKHB33 kit for four 9005 lamps (Lincoln Mark VIII, GMC Yukon Denali, etc.): $111
  • HARN-RIKHB33 custom-built harness: $189

  • KIT-RIKHB33H as above except safely keeps low beams lit when high beams are on, for systems not originally so wired: $123
  • HARN-RIKHB33H custom-built harness: $199

  • KIT-RIKHB5 kit for two 9007 lamps: $99
  • HARN-RIKHB5 custom-built harness: $179

  • KIT-RIKH4R kit to properly install H4 or 9003 headlamps in place of 9004 or 9007 headlamps: $99
  • HARN-RIKH4R custom-built harness: $179
    , including this kit or harness, lets you use H4 bulbs in lamps designed to accept 9004 or 9007 bulbs. That just doesn't (can't, won't) work.

  • KIT-RIK1 kit for one sealed beam or H4 lamp (Motorcycle): $49

Don't see what you need?
Custom kits and harnesses are no problem. Just send me an email, .

Auxiliary Lamp Harnesses and Relay Installation Kits

  • RIK-AUX Relay kit for custom installation of two fog or driving lamps, $49.

  • H87199 Ready-built, plug-and-chug heavy-duty relay harness for two fog or driving lamps. Very fine quality, includes illuminated toggle switch: $79.

  • H87212 Ready-built, plug-and-chug light-duty relay harness for two fog or driving lamps. Good quality, includes easy-mount switch with LED indicator lights: $59.

Top-quality bulbs

For headlamps and auxiliary lamps.
Bulbs listed are 12v types.
6v and 24v types are available—please enquire.

First, a Note About "Plus" Bulbs:

"Plus+" bulbs (+50, +80, +110, etc) are standard-wattage items with higher filament luminance and tighter filament focus. They give better headlight performance than standard bulbs—longer seeing distance and broader beam coverage—with an attendant shorter bulb lifespan. They have totally or mostly colourless clear glass so all the filament's light reaches the road (some of these have a blue band near the tip; it does not reduce light reaching the road because of its placement). The small number of reputable makers in the world differ a little in how they test and label their bulbs—the bulbs called "+110" by Osram, "+120" by Tungsram, and "+130" by Philips are substantially alike as a class, though depending on the bulb type there may be a reason to prefer one over another; I am constantly testing bulbs to keep on top of (and keep stock of) the best ones.

H1 bulbs

These single-filament bulbs are for low-beam headlamps, high-beam headlamps, auxiliary fog and driving lamps. Fun facts: The H1 was the world's first-ever halogen automotive bulb, and may well be the most widely used type worldwide. It was introduced in Europe in 1962, and immediately revolutionized car lighting and roadway safety with its compact size and high output. It was finally legalized in the 1997, three and a half decades later!

  • 55W Osram or Tungsram Plus+110 $35.18/pair

  • 55W Narva or Flösser Plus+50 $31.18/pair

  • 100W Narva or Flösser: $37.18/pair

    H2 bulbs

    These single-filament bulbs are primarily found in auxiliary fog and driving lamps, though there have been a few low-beam and a few high-beam headlamps over the years that used them.

    • 55W Narva or Flösser: $23.18/pair

    • 100W Narva or Flösser: $35.18/pair

    H3 bulbs

    These single-filament bulbs are primarily used in auxiliary fog and driving lamps, but they've also been used in some headlamps, such as certain variants of the Marchal Amplilux. Fun Facts: The H3 was the world's first transverse-filament halogen car bulb, introduced in 1966. The transverse filament and short focal length facilitated the design of certain kinds of lamps that were difficult or impossible to make with axial-filament bulbs. H3 was legalized in the US in 1997, thirty-one years after its European introduction.

    • 55W Narva or Flösser: $23.18/pair

    • 55W Narva Plus+50: $31.18/pair

    • 100W Narva or Flösser: $35.18/pair

    H4 bulbs

    These 2-filament bulbs with P43t base are for high/low beam headlamps and Cibie BiOscar fog/drive beam lamps. Fun facts: The H4 was the world's first 2-filament halogen automotive bulb. It was introduced in Europe in 1971, and was used in many millions of European and Japanese headlamps starting in that year, but wasn't legalized in the US (where it was designated HB2 or 9003) until over two decades later, in 1992!

    • 60/55W Tungsram +120 (best of the bunch): $43.18/pair

    • 60/55W Narva or Flösser High Output +50: $38.00/pair

    • 100/55W Narva or Flösser or Philips Rallye: $35.18/pair

    • 100/90W Narva or Flösser or Philips Rallye: $41.18/pair

    • 130/100W Narva or Flösser or Philips Rallye: $51.18/pair

      H4 halogen bulbs on P45t base

      Upgrade your vintage European headlamps to modern-car light levels! These updated halogen bulbs (above left) fit and work correctly in all 1950's through 1980's European high/low beam headlamps originally equipped with tungsten R2 bulbs (above right). Light output is much higher, life is much longer.

      • 45/40W (original tungsten wattage) Narva or Flösser: $27.18/pair

      • 60/55W (standard halogen wattage) Narva or Flösser: $29.18/pair

      • 100/90W Narva or Flösser: $43.18/pair

      • 130/100W Narva or Flösser: $49.18/pair

      H7 bulbs

      These single-filament bulbs are found in the low beams, high beams and fog lamps of many European and Japanese vehicles made since the 1990s. Fun Fact: The H7, introduced in 1993, was the first new halogen headlamp bulb design type-approved to Europe's Regulation 37 in twenty years. It touched off a wave of research and development that saw a dozen new halogen bulb types introduced over the next 15 years.

      • 65-watt, 2100-lumen Ultra High Output Vosla
        (H9 burner on H7 base, race and special-purpose): $28.76/ea (or $24.45/ea for 12+ at a time)

      Exact replacement for the Osram 64217, which was discontinued several years ago. After a great deal of work, I have secured new availability of first-quality, German-made 65w - 2100 lumen H7 bulbs. They are in stock and now shipping! Send me an email to buy them.

All other bulb types can be furnished; if you don't see what you're after, please feel free to email. Please do not ask for overwattage 9004, 9005, 9006 or 9007 bulbs; they are unsafe and not for sale — see this PDF for a detailed explanation.

Centre High-Mount

3rd Brake Lamps

CHMSLs For Retrofitting

Now! First-quality Hella® LED Center 3rd Brake Lamp Kits
For retrofit or replacement:

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  • These new CHMSL retrokits, made by Hella New Zealand, are of much higher quality than the common 3rd-world junk that has flooded the market. These units self-adhere to the inside surface of your vehicle's backglass. Instant-on LED technology gives a full-intensity red signal 200 milliseconds faster than bulb-type units, giving the drivers behind you 20' more reaction time (at 60 mph) for optimal safety. Lens is colorless when not illuminated. Kit comes complete with installation kit and instructions. Regulatory Approvals: ECE S3 (European E-code), US DOT, ADR. Three different models are available; pick the one that most closely matches the angle of your vehicle's backglass, considering horizontal to be 0°. $77.59/kit

    Model 37: For backglass angles of 20° to 36° — Most fastbacks & coupés:

    Buy It Now

    Model 38: For backglass angles of 37° to 56° — Most sedans, some hatchbacks & wagons:

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    Model 39: For backglass angles of 57° to 80° — Most vans & wagons, some sedans:

    Buy It Now

Auxiliary Lamps

Fog, Driving, and Cornering Beams

Rectangular Cibie auxiliary lamps

Airport (Series 35)
  • Inquire for availability

César (Series 175)

  • Clear drive beam, black housing:

Price includes durable stone shield.

Regulatory compliance:

  • ECE (European E-Code) B, HR
  • SAE (US and Canada) F, Y

Round Cibie auxiliary lamps

Tango (Series 40)

  • Inquire for availability

Oscar (Series 180)

  • Clear drive beam, black housing:

Price includes durable stone shield.

Regulatory compliance:

  • ECE (European E-Code) B, HR
  • SAE (US and Canada) F, Y

OscarPlus+ (Series 190)
Limited availability; please enquire.

  • Fog beam, black housing:

  • Drive beam, black housing:

Regulatory compliance:

  • ECE (European E-Code) B, HR
  • SAE (US and Canada) F, Y

Super Oscar (Series 200)

  • Clear pencil spot beam, black housing:

Price includes durable stone shield.

Regulatory compliance:

  • ECE (European E-Code) B, HR
  • SAE (US and Canada) F, Y

Mopar Turn

Signal Switches

For 1962-'63 and 1964-'69 A, B, & C-bodies (without tilt steering). These come with correct configuration,
wires, & terminals—No "adaptors", hacks, or modifications needed.
Made in OE quality to original Chrysler blueprints
by an original Chrysler supplier. This switch, with minor and easy modifications, also fits Studebaker Avanti. $101.90/ea
plus $9.90 postage to send up to three at a time in the lower 48 states.
Just send me an email to order your switches; specify vehicle years and models.
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