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Fine Portraiture & Artistic Photography

Portraiture of People, Plants, & Places

Bill is a breathtakingly talented and refreshingly unconventional portrait and nature photographer. See more of his work here.

Vintage Mopar Restoration & Parts

JC Auto Restoration

Jeff Carter does meticulous, painstaking, proper and correct restoration not only of whole vehicles, but also of the scarcer and lesser-understood bits of the scarcer and lesser-understood models of the scarcer and less-understood vehicles. Plus, he has DeSoto neckties for sale!

Mopar Gas Tanks, Wheels, Restification

The Mopar Dude

Brad makes(!) good wheels and aluminum gas tanks (and does a great deal more) for old Mopars. Soon my '62 Lancer will have a good bit of his work!

Car Floor Mats


Floor mats? Yep, the best. These are one of those things that make you remember how you used to be able to buy really nice, high quality goods crafted with skill, talent, and love. You still can, from these folks.

Special Cars FOUND

Michael and his team have an incurable case of Mad Car Disease, so they viscerally understand the thrill of the hunt for a scarce, unusual, or otherwise interesting vehicle. is sort of like that other special-cars-for-sale site, but without the snotty attitude. Even if you're not in the market for a(nother) car, is a fantastically satisfying place to spend an afternoon.

Leather Treatment #1


Some say the only thing to use on leather is Leatherique...

Leather Treatment #2


...while others believe fervently in Sno-Seal, this company's beeswax-based leather treatment which has been on the market for many decades. Their shampoo and laundry detergent are fantastic, too.

Custom Aluminum Radiators


This guy skillfully crafts custom aluminum radiators to spec. See the one he made for me here.

Waterless Coolant

Evans Waterless Coolant

This stuff is amazing. It's drop-in compatible with just about any vehicle's cooling system. It contains no water (and you don't mix it with water), therefore no corrosion, no gradually depleted corrosion inhibitor chemistry, and its boiling point is higher at atmospheric pressure than conventional water-mix coolant with a pressure cap. No pressure means less stress on radiator and heater core seams, hoses, seals, etc. See discussions here, here, and here.

Mopar Wiring Harnesses

Reproduction wiring harnesses for classic Mopars

Bill & Rose Evans make high-quality new wiring harnesses for classic Mopars, and they make them in the USA using correct original-type wire, terminals, and sleeving.

Astoundingly good kids' music

Ed Lipton: Fly, Hippopotamus, Fly!

Delightfully catchy kids' songs that won't annoy the grownups! The melodies are inspired by folk songs, the lyrics are full of puns funny enough to make adults giggle while the kids learn how to spell and pronounce hard words.

Volvo Parts and Tech

Volvo Parts & Tech

Got a rear-drive Volvo, Need a part, need to know how to install or modify it? Balu's your man.

Automotive Woodwork

Wood refinishing

Known in car circles as "Drew, the wood guy", Drew Tibcken is probably the finest master craftsman when it comes to automotive wood refinishing.

JB Weld

JB Weld

If JB weld can't fix it, throw it away (or use duct tape).


Worldwide Automakers

In this, the era of the global economy, one needs a scorecard to keep track of which automaker owns what. This link contains a very complete table of automakers and their subsidiaries worldwide?and clicking any listing takes you to that company's site!


Rust repair

A paintstuff that you can put right over rust and never have to worry about it again.


The Penetrating Oil

This stuff makes any penetrant you've used before look like pathetic, greasy kidstuff.